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    I’m sorry guys, I had to. What are they doing to her beautiful hair?

  7. In which Zelena clearly needs to invest in a thesaurus.

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    Hello Everyone! I created this blog just for my OTP… OUTLAW QUEEN FOREVER!!!!

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    Outlaw Queen <3 That kiss was amazing, it was passion, love, the soul, and hotness all rolled up into one.

    Note: Not my gifs. 

    From: http://frivolouswhim.tumblr.com

    Visit their blog, one of my faves.

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    Awwww look they’re married… Don’t tell me they’re not.

    Note: These are not my gifs. If you are the owner please tell me and I will give you credit. 

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    Regina Mills + favorite outfits | Bleeding Through

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  14. RC: I had no idea you could disco dance!

    KB: Oh, Castle! I’m a woman of many hidden talents.

    RC: I look forward to discovering every single one.

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